Why You Should Consider Applying for a Humanities Course this Clearing

We’re encouraged to think about what we want to do when we reach adulthood from a young age, but when we’re young, we don’t always really know what we want to do when we finish school. Many people decide to go on to further education when they leave school or college, though deciding which subject to study is no simple task. Let’s face it, you’ll need to spend a lot of money and time to earn a degree from a good university, which means you need to think long and hard about which subject to choose. Plus, you might think it’s too late to find the course of your dreams now that we’re approaching clearing.

Fortunately, there are still thousands of spaces available at hundreds of universities, all of which offer a diverse range of courses for you to choose from. Plus, you don’t have to fire off emails to hundreds of universities individually because there are dedicated websites that list all the clearing spaces in one place. In addition, by utilising such a website, you can find lots of top tips for your application form and compare a range of courses in one place, but there are a number of reasons why you might want to choose arts and humanities. Below, this article takes a look at why might want to apply for humanities in clearing 2017.

Humanities Course

Is Humanities Right for You?

Needless to say, with so many courses available, arts and humanities isn’t for everyone, but you might be more interested in the subject if you knew what it covered. Keep reading below to find out why humanities schools attract millions of students every year.

  • It’s great for fashion lovers – Deep down, everybody has a sense of fashion, even if some people don’t like to admit it. The clothes we wear give people an insight into our personalities, and we all have a certain way we prefer to dress. However, if you have a particularly keen eye for fashion and would like to turn it into a career, you might want to consider studying fashion at a leading university’s arts and humanities school.
  • It’s also a great school for history lovers – Arts and humanities is a broad topic that includes subjects completely unrelated to fashion. For example, if you love reading about the past, you can find lots of interesting history courses during clearing.
  • Become an artist – As the name might suggest, arts and humanities encompass many topics that are focused on the arts, so if you’re extremely talented with paint and paper, you might want to consider completing a degree in art.

Study Something You’re Passionate About

Your university years are the most important years in your life because they will have a huge effect on your future. For that reason, it’s a good idea to study a subject that you find genuinely interesting and aspire to land a job doing something you really enjoy when you graduate. For the reasons above, you might want to pick a subject in the arts and humanities department, but there are lots of other subjects for you to choose from.


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