Taste the Kiwi Academic Culture To Find A Brighter Side Ahead

All that it looks isn’t what it actually is. Given the size of the land, it is actually shocking to know that there are only eight universities in New Zealand for a student to enroll. But there’s no point going by numbers. It is the thrill of life that actually makes the place hell lot special. So you really want to have a non-traditional experience while studying abroad that is filled with outdoor adventures and environmental studies? New Zealand must be calling you with its blue waters breaking on the shore and tall mountains piercing the clear sky above.

But before you fly into your own imagination of scenic eccentricity, there are few things one must be aware of while taking the decision to study abroad in New Zealand . The wildest and weirdest thing about New Zealand being one can experience all the four seasons in one single day. As you head towards the land of long white clouds, make sure, your luggage has got enough sweaters, rain jackets, and layered everyday wear. As it is situated in one of the most mountainous regions of the world, don’t be shocked if you come up with a weather that typically ranges between the 50s to the low 70s throughout the year, with sporadic rain making relevant entry and exit every single day. The southern portion of New Zealand is definitely much cooler than the northern portion because of its latitudinal proximity to the Antarctic region.

While some of the people think of preparing a scrapbook to keep the memories of the visit preserved, others get inked overseas to keep it as a symbol for a lifetime. Whatever be the art form that you choose, be sure, that every single action of yours will be having a long contribution in the cultural appropriation. In Maori culture, which is a prevalent culture in New Zealand, getting a tattoo is a rite of passage and an honor as well. Those who get themselves inked are called the MOKO and are looked upon as someone who bears the knowledge of the tribe’s tradition, rituals, and even language. Being the part of the occidental world, getting the Maori tattoo might be exploiting the origins of the tattoo.

As far as the academic world in New Zealand is concerned, Auckland University of Technology, University of Auckland, Massey University, and the University of Otago, Victoria University of Wellington, Lincoln University, University of Waikato, and the University of Canterbury are all the options that are open for you. Getting into the first five will give you the feel of the first ten in the US where the population of students lies between 17,000 and 33,000. The final three would like to provide a more private feel with a smaller strength of maximum 12,000 people enrolling over here.

Students who have applied to study abroad in New Zealand, and are a great fan of BBQ, the Kiwi cuisine simply awaits for them. So dig up the whole, pack your bag, and catch the first flight to New Zealand and have a different taste of academics in there.

Ada C. McKinzie

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