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Admitopia_logoCollege is a big investment. However what university is right for your child? Usually in the spring time high school students will receive many different direct mail pieces advertising why you should consider their school. There are thousands of schools across the country. With that being said it would be helpful to get advice from an college admissions consultant.

The admissions consultant can give you a personalized list of schools that would be relevant for your child to apply to. The admissions counselor can help you understand which schools that your child would have the best chance of being accepted at. This helps you in many ways. Mainly for the fact that you are not traveling to schools that would not be a good match for your child. This also saves you money in terms of visiting schools that your child would most likely not get an admittance to anyway. Another good way to get a guauge of which schools to apply to is by asking friends and family. They can give you with own unique insights on this topic. You can talk about what factors that would help influence which school would be a good fit.

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For example do you want to go to a big school with many students or a small school? Do you want the university to be in a city or in a more suburban area? Do you have an idea of what major that you would like to study? Did you look at where your school is ranked for that particular major? These are all very important questions that you would like to know before you decide to enroll at a given school. You have to reminder that this decision will be for 4 years of your childs life. You need to take account what intersts that they have. Many students do not realize how essential this decision is and as a result they end up needing to transfer to another school. That is why spending so much time on this now is what matters.

Another thing to consider is that your child may be evaluating several different schools. Admitopia is an company that gives you access to their network of college students. You can speak with a student who is attending a school that your child is interested in. You want the best for your child. Why not have them get personalized advice from the attending students! There pricing is quite affordable. You can book a call with a given student for $20. This price is of great value when you take into account how much things would be if you had to travel to the school directly to speak to students. Admitopia also provides a wealth of information on college life. You can read articles from thousands of college students across the country. If your child is needs proofreading they have editors that can help you with your childs personal statement. Admitopia also has a network of SAT tutors that can give your child personalized instruction. This is another service that you should consider.

Jeffery Bird
Jeffery Bird

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