Qualities to Lookout for When Filling CAD Draftsman Jobs

Even though the AEC industry has adopted the Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes from the conception of a facility to its management, Computer-aided design (CAD) technicians still remain an essential part of the industry. CAD draftsman is generally regarded by many engineering, architectural and construction firms as a one of the most vital job positions that should be thoroughly looked into.

BIM tools like Revit, and CAD packages such as AutoCAD are often used together by many CAD Software Consulting firms to create construction design drawing sets. So candidates with a high proficiency level in these areas are a good fit for the CAD draftsman role

However, every organization, regardless of their service portfolio, geographical reach or size should consider these important traits before choosing CAD personnel.

 In-depth know how in AutoCAD

A prospective candidate for a CAD draftsman position should possess strong foundation in AutoCAD and understand all its intricate details as AutoCAD is still the most widely used 2D/3D CAD package in the world.

CAD draftsmen can only create precise construction designs sets for engineers, designers, architect, and building contractors when they have solid technical foundation in design specifications, authorization checklists, annotation codes, material tools, drawing tools and layers

Autodesk Certification

Autodesk certification exam is a recognized certification of CAD skills in the AED industry and candidates that have passed it are generally preferred in the job market. So candidates that have successfully taken Autodesk validated training courses have a clear advantage over those that are yet to enroll for the courses.

Hands on Industry Experience

Possessing work experience in the industry is another criterion for selection that is just as important as having a sound foundation in AutoCAD and relevant academic qualification. While a formal training in CAD can help candidates build technical skills, candidates with professional work experience can handle different projects and collaborate with teams and other stakeholders more efficiently.

Working on different worldwide projects can also boost an individual’s knowledge of design workflow and regional building codes

Highly Versatile

Because of the competitive nature of the AEC industry, organizations will greatly benefit from recruiting flexible CAD draftsmen that are quick to adapt to clear specialties and workflows such as those that are well suited for consultant, MEP engineers and contractors.

Organizations should also look out for CAD draftsmen that can handle the development of construction drawing for home builders while creating schematic MEP and penetration drawings

Problem solving skills

CAD professionals are usually faced with analyzing mark-ups and suggested design improvements from designers, architects and building service professional. Timely understanding of mark-ups and quick feedback implementation will require good problem solving skill in addition to the use of relevant software. CAD professionals are sometimes expected to choose the best option for a smooth project with decreased turnaround time.

Ability to Make a Difference

Both large and medium-sized organizations should consider hiring candidates that are willing to learn on the job. The need for this is evident in the shift towards BIM tools and processes for construction design and documentation that caused many organizations to organize training courses on Revit for employees. Only CAD experts who are ready to learn and update their skills can stay up to date with new industry practices

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