How to do better at your weakest college subjects

All throughout my educational career, I’ve struggled with math. It’s not something I ever had a firm grasp on, and it has negatively affected my GPA since middle school. Once I got to college, I was excited that I could choose a major and pick the classes I wanted so I could avoid math. Lo and behold, math fell within my required general coursework, and I was forced to take the subject that I loathe. Usually, I like a challenge, but I knew that this class was beyond me. After failing my first assignment I started to look for outside ways to improve my performance, and that’s when I found Unemployed Professors.

Picking a professor that specializes in math, I let him do the next assignment for me, which improved my grade vastly. This was a no-brainer for me, this guy was going to do my math assignments for me. Normally, I love to learn and would do this all myself, but I think it’s unfair that I am forced to take a class that has nothing at all to do with my major or the career path I want to be on. Honestly, I could care less about learning math, and this class was just a waste of time that the college forced me to spend money on. People may have differing opinions on this, but I truly believe it’s wrong to have general requirements in college; I am paying to take a class I don’t want to take.

In the end, I passed my math class because of Unemployed Professors. I ended up using several different professors, and the result was always positive and professional. I am sure I would have failed otherwise, which would have resulted in not only the loss of money, but loss of time that I could have been spending on learning things that effect my future career. It’s asinine the way college forces you to take certain classes that could jeopardize your whole education, and I am grateful to Unemployed Professors for helping me to pass this class that I would have failed otherwise.

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Jeffery Bird
Jeffery Bird

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