How I Made The Leap From Full-Time Teacher To Freelance Writer With ContentMart

With every day that went by, I enjoyed imparting knowledge to eager minds as well as the not-so-eager ones. Each day was a pleasant challenge that brought its own rewards. As the years went by, though, there came a point of time where I needed to re-evaluate my situation based on my circumstances and decide whether I wanted to continue as a full-time teacher, or whether I needed to give myself more time to do what I wanted to do in life while I was still young. There are many things I enjoy doing in life, but to pursue my dreams would mean giving up teaching, which I certainly enjoyed a lot. This is when I was introduced to the world of educational content writing jobs and I was able to take a leap of faith that landed me in a world that I am proud to be a part of.

Rediscovering Myself As An Educational Content Writer

After a restless night of wondering whether I was making the right decision, I spoke my mind out to a fellow-teacher at the school where I taught. She surprised me with her understanding of my situation and empathized with me. She then told me that I could still continue to be an educator, but in a slightly different line of work – I could become one of the educational content writers that I had often heard about. I was a bit skeptical, but she told me that she too had started supplementing her income as a freelance writer, and her experience with education had stood her in good stead.

That evening I accompanied her to the staff room after school, where she explained to me in detail about how educational content writer jobs work and how I could get started. She introduced me to a popular portal called ContentMart, where I could register with a few simple steps then and there. She helped me create my profile and showed me how to bid on projects.

Eager to give this a try and to attempt to become part of this portal’s educational content writers, I started bidding on projects right after completing my language assessments. To my surprise, I was awarded with a project the very next day! Words can’t explain how thrilled I was, and I got started on the task. The first client I worked with was kind enough to guide me wherever I failed to understand requirements, and I was given a chance to edit my work, for which I am thankful. This was just the start to my pursuing a career that let me live my dreams.

Fast forward 6 months later, and I am now working with the needy as a social worker, while supplementing my income as a freelance educational writer on ContentMart. I earn much more each month than I did as a full time teacher, and I am much happier with my life.


Ada C. McKinzie

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