Grooming kids in playschool

I, Mihika and my husband have shifted recently to Bangalore due to my husband’s transfer from Pune. Bangalore is a little more crowded and hence we became busy with our jobs soon. I have a daughter Rima, who is 2 years old.

I asked in the neighbourhood that who will better to assist care to my child and I was advised to keep a nanny who can take care of child whole day at home till we return from work. I became happy to hear the idea and hired this nanny. At the beginning, Rima was comfortable with her but later on, nanny started to take leaves more often than not and I have to take offs from office to take care of Rima. We even realized that our daughter was unable to open up with new faces.  This is a situation I guess most parents would have encountered and they need to take their kids out of this. They need to become more social and the best part is that they should express themselves.

One fine evening when I was discussing this problem of mine with one of the colleagues, she suggested me to try a playschool instead of a nanny for my daughter. This friend of mine was sending her daughter to one of the playschool’s and she happily shared a nice feedback about it. She told the playschool conducts simple activities which helps in development of kids along with nutritional and well-timed meal plan. I felt relieved as I found another option for my daughter and I decided to visit this playschool next day along with my friend.

Early next day, I drove to this play school along with my colleague when she went there to drop her daughter. The play school was built in nice premise and it was well maintained. When we entered, we saw the walls were colourful with lot of toys and good seating arrangement. We went ahead and my friend introduced me to supervisor of the place, she greeted me warmly and advised about the regulations and timings of the playschool. I was happy to know that I can send my daughter to this playschool from next day.

As I was about to leave, I saw the supervisor gaining some attention of kids and encouraging them to play games. She gathered the kids and gave them a ball and asked them to pass the ball and all the kids were very happy to do it. I could see the good vibes and the smiles on the faces of kids made me more relaxed about the place.

Next day I came to the playschool with my daughter and after completing the registration. The supervisor was soft and gentle to my daughter and as soon as I left her, I saw her interacting with other kids. I was asked by the supervisor to come early to pick up Rima and she wanted me to see to see the activities here. After completing my day, I came to receive Rima and I saw a spark in her eyes and her beautiful smile made me realize she was comfortable with the environment. I took her back home with a feeling of content and decided to refer this best playschool to all my other friends.

Jeffery Bird
Jeffery Bird

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