Finding a Tutor Who You Will Love

If your child is struggling in school or you want to simply help him or her get ahead in class, then you have likely tried to educate him or her at home. While this is a noble thing to do, most parents simply aren’t able to help their children the way that an expert is. In this case, it is a good idea to look into hiring a tutor to help your child with his or her schoolwork. This is a great way to be sure to give him or her the extra help or push that he or she needs to be successful in class and in his or her future endeavours; however, finding a great tutor can be a little tricky sometimes.

Know What You Want

Before you begin calling around for a maths tutor in Sydney, it’s important that you know what your final goal is in hiring a tutor. Not only does your family come with its own set of unique needs but all tutors have different teaching approaches and backgrounds. Think about if your child needs remedial or intensive help and how he or she learns best. How your child interacts with adults; how he or she relates to men and women; what motivates him or her; and if he or she learns best by seeing, doing, or reading will all have a huge role in who you end up hiring as a tutor.

Find Out What Your Options Are

A great place to start looking for a tutor is by meeting with the school counsellor or teacher to discuss your concerns and see what options they have for you. Many schools have a recommended list of tutors but if they don’t, then looking online is a good idea. In addition, many people find that their friends use tutors and are able to give them a great recommendation.

Know Your Budget

While everyone wants to provide the best possible for their children, a budget is important. You have to look at the value that the tutor brings and not just the final cost. Ask about payment policies and how flexible he or she is for last-minute cancellations.

Try Them Out

Once you have narrowed down your options a bit, you will want to ask for their credentials and then set up a time to meet with a number of candidates to ask them questions and introduce them to your child. Make sure to find out what tutoring method they use, what they expect from you, and how they prefer to motivate the students that they work with. In addition, checking availability and where they will meet to tutor your child is important and may play a huge role in your final decision.

Don’t be afraid to sit in on the tutoring sessions if you want to as quality tutors will not mind that you are there. Stay on top of your child’s progress and keep in contact with his or her teachers to find out how he or she is doing in school. If you are not seeing improvement, then don’t be afraid to find a new tutor.

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