Essay Writing: An Introduction to Important Components

Writing essays is an important part of academia. And the student will need to go through various essays writing practice to be proficient and grow academically. If you are not writing, there is no way that students can develop academically. There is a different kind of essay. And when we are talking about essay there are things to consider when writing an essay. A well-written essay comes from various researches and focuses writing style, if you have not written for a long time, you might encounter some difficulties writing an excellent essay. That is why it’s so crucial to practice and learn about various writing skills. Essay writing is tasking, and it will take a lot of hard work and time if you are to come up with a well-written essay. There are basic guidelines and rules you have to follow if you want to write a good essay. This is the structure of the essay which involves the introduction, body, and conclusion. And the introduction will start few premises about the topic or subject you are written about. We will be taking you through the fundamental component of an essay written in this article:

The components of A Good Essay

Every good writing essay always follows a structure. There might be some changes in the tone and style of the writing, and content the depending on the purpose of or type of essay. But all academic essays follow a set of structures listed below:

A meaningful Topic   

You have to have a good topic for your essay. This is the first thing that you need to catch the attention of the reader, which means it has to be short and meaningful. The topic chosen must relate well to the essay you want to write about. This is crucial because all point you will be writing about will rest on this subject.

The research

Research this is one important step of essay writing that you cannot do without. If you don’t do research, there is a possibility that you won’t have enough valid points to back your arguments in your essay. In some complicated subject, you won’t have enough rational or and information to come up with good content, and this is why research becomes crucial in coming up with good points to write about. You can research before starting your writing, for you to approach the written in a good tone.

A well-Written Introduction

The introduction of most written are mostly found in the first paragraph, and that is also true for an academic essay. You present your subject to the reader here, and you show them what to expect in the body of the essay. While some writer will include the thesis statement in the introduction, it may not be compulsory unless you are instructed to do that. But you may add the thesis statement if you which to add it, but it’s not compulsory most of the times.

Body of the Essay

After the introduction of the subject of the essay is the body to disuse about. A good essay should have three paragraphs, but the number can increase depending on the subject of the essay that may need more points and arguments. You will be discussing and points to back the topic of discussion to convince the reader. This will allow your essay to be informative. Each paragraph of your essay should have a valid point that you will discuss in the other parts of the essay. You should avoid repetition of points by following or listing the points to write about in the essay. And to do that each paragraph must be unique with a good example to back them up and has a different tone.

The Conclusion of the Essay

The last paragraph of most writing always ends with the conclusion of the various points that you have mentioned in other paragraphs. You must ensure that you summarize the extract from each body of your essay.

The sources

You must cite the sources of the various information you used in the writing of the essay. This will include the various places you got the information from and how they act as an important point to your arguments.


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