Characteristics of a Quality Online Arabic Course

Learning Arabic is no different to learning any other language, it takes time, dedication, perseverance and daily practice. But when choosing an online course, it is important to find one which is properly designed to improve your chances of learning the language. The best way to learn is to immerse yourself in the language and if you aren’t in an Arabic speaking country the Internet offers your best solution.


If you’d like to learn the Quran by studying how to read and write in Arabic, you’ll need a course which is well structured in order to facilitate quality learning conditions. Learning a new language won’t happen overnight, you must be patient and set small goals as you go along. Reaching these goals helps to give you confidence and encourages you to go further in your studies.

But to achieve goals, you must work with a teacher and online learning website who know how to properly structure their programme. It is vital that you use the SMART goal setting system as you begin to learn Arabic online.

Specific – This relates to the type of goal you which to achieve. When working with a teacher online, they should help you to create specific goals, this may be remembering vowels or pronouncing a difficult set of consonants. These are specific objectives that you can work towards, they aren’t just ambiguous goals that don’t really pinpoint exactly what you want to learn.

Measurable – Your teacher must be able to set measurable goals, so if you are learning Arabic and you’d like to see how well you are coming along, your instructor may choose a basic passage of text for you to read. This shows you that you have reached a specific objective, it gives you concrete evidence that you are progressing in your studies.

Attainable – The course you choose must set attainable goals that have to be realistic, so you don’t get disillusioned while you’re learning. If your teacher sets unreasonable objectives, it can be demoralising when you fail to meet them. You must learn to crawl before you can walk, you don’t skip important learning curves.

Relevant – You must ask yourself why do you want to reach your goals? Why are they relevant to you? Once you know why you are studying, it makes it a lot easier to progress and reach pivotal learning stages.

Timely – When choosing an online course, it is vital that you select one which allows you to achieve your goals in a specific time frame. It is hard to motivate yourself to learn if you aren’t seeing any positive results, especially if you are studying for a considerable amount of time. Your goals must be measured over a certain period of time.

To help achieve your goals, you should be careful when selecting an online course. They teacher and curriculum must be designed to correctly facilitate learning, that means having realistic goals set by your instructor and the course designer. Learning a new language takes time, but with the proper online course it can be highly enjoyable.

Ada C. McKinzie

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