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Mass Communication Degree from an Accomplished Institute Carries a Lot of Weight

The rapid rise of social media and easy access to high speed internet has entirely revolutionised the world of communication. Both the world of communication and the target audience has undergone a sea change in recent times. With the implosion of TV channels, radio stations, journals, advertising agencies and the granddaddy of them all—the internet, the world of mass communication has been witnessing unprecedented growth. With the rise of social media and TV channels, the world of mass communication has seen itself being catapulted to astral planes. This has created a whole new range of possibilities for students of Mass Communication and a degree from best colleges for mass communication in India could open new vistas of career opportunities for you.

Eligibility criteria for Mass Communication Courses

It is important to understand that top institutes have rigid admission criteria in place as the number of seats they have on offer is much less than the number of applications they receive for admission. You as such need to work extremely hard to get their nod and the permission to study this highly prestigious course. As far as eligibility criteria are concerned, they are more or less for all the institutes in India. In order to enrol yourself for undergraduate course, you only need to successfully complete class XII from any board with minimum 50 per cent marks. The subjects you have taken up at intermediate level do not matter as far as admission to mass communication is concerned.

A postgraduate course requires the completion of a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline. Some institutes also give additional weight to work experience of a candidate in the related field. Taking a break after graduation to gain some work experience could be a good option for students.

Job prospects

As mentioned here, mass communication has been growing at a tremendous pace and there is no dearth of job opportunities for qualified candidates in this sector. After successful completion of your course, you can look forward to a rewarding career in public relations, films, advertising, journalism, editing, publishing, etc. As an energetic, skilful and dynamic individual with strong communication skills and a degree from a premiere institute, you can look forward to work in publishing houses, advertising agencies, photography companies, public relation firms, journals, magazines, radio, films, television channels, broadcasting corporations, etc.

O P Jindal has a top rated mass communication college which offers highly relevant and job oriented media and communication courses in India. An undergraduate or a post graduate degree in mass communication from this accomplished institute not only allows you to keep pace with the shifting dynamics of the market, it in fact, allows you to be several steps ahead of it.

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