American host families-Remain United

American host families are truly one-of-a-kind and yet uniquely different in many respects American host families are strong, hard-working and have what other families often strive for, togetherness. American host families stick together whatever problem arises, through health conditions, job loss and even through death. American host families are kind, generous, and sympathetic towards less fortunate families who struggle on a daily basis just to survive. American host families will not take “no” for an answer but have the ability to find answers to questions while resolving the issue at hand that is amicable to all. American host families are not rich, an often pre-determined misconception, have moderate incomes but yet offer students from abroad a warm and inviting atmosphere with open arms and the willingness to make a difference in a troubled World.

American host families are the epitome of structure, of strength as a family unit that unites and builds on the weaknesses of others. When one member of the American host family has a problem, the entire American host family has a problem with all working together as one unit to find a resolution. With open arms and minds the American host family is an ideal place for a young foreign exchange student who is interested in learning about the American way of life, something that until now has only been read about in books. Making changes to accommodate a new family member from abroad, the American host family is relentless to the smallest of details to ensure that the newest member of the family is offered a home that is welcoming, warm and safe.

American host families know no boundaries; have no limitations when preparing for an exchange student. With a thought process that is complete and thorough American host family’s look towards the future not prolonging on the past or what could have been. With strong commitments in place, American host families alter daily schedules to accommodate for the new family member arrival to ensure that the best of both possible Worlds’ is offered during the exchange students year long stay. From planning exciting adventures to daily trips to department or grocery stores, American host families strive for perfection leaving no stone unturned in preparation for yet another arrival from abroad.

American host families offer a foreign exchange student a chance to live a life of freedom, a life unencumbered by chaos, wars and poverty. American host families seek no monetary donations or payment for hosting a student from abroad, only compassion and the opportunity to show a less fortunate individual what makes American great, a chance to succeed, a chance for a better life with equal opportunity for all.

American host families receive no recognition or awards for their efforts, only satisfaction in the look of a foreign exchange students eyes full of surprise upon a new discovery in a new and adventurous land. With broad smiles and anticipation for another hosting year yet to come, American host families remain united.


Ada C. McKinzie

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