Affordable Indulges for Every Student Budget

One of the most dreaded aspects of student life is sticking to a strict and very tight budget. Whether you are working your way through or living on a limited scholarship or financial supplement, you need to make the very most of the very little that you have. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures along the way to revitalize you and keep you fresh for your studies.


Every student knows about the stress that comes with study. Look for a local massage school and take advantage of their reduced prices for students teaching. It only takes one hour a month to help keep you feeling rested.

A New Frock

Let’s face it – a student budget is never going to allow fashionable designer clothes. But it does allow last season warehouse clothes. Find your nearest factory outlet and indulge in one new designer outfit per season.


If you enjoy a Mani/Pedi (and let’s face it – who doesn’t?!), this simple treat is not out of reach. Look for express Mani/Pedi offerings at kiosks which offer cheap 15 minutes express services.

Eyelash Extensions

Of course, student life means party life, and that means selfies! Eyelash extensions are affordable and turn your selfie game up a notch.

Date Night

Something as simple as seeing a movie on the weekly cheap night or making packing a small picnic basket and watching a movie on your cell phone in the park all count towards little dates you can take yourself on.


There is no surprise that long distance travel is out of the question, but a student budget doesn’t mean you can’t explore. Take advantage of student travel rates and spend one free day a month walking around and exploring a town. A small hour train ride is all it takes to visit somewhere new and gain some perspective.

While these treats may not seem significant, to a student on a budget, every little treat counts. Items such as these are cost effective and can boost your spirits during a stressful study period. Try and reward yourself for important milestones or at least once a month.

Jeffery Bird
Jeffery Bird

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