Advance drawing techniques can let your art have the best attraction

Fantasy art is often composed of things that don’t exist. The fantasy art are the things that comes from your imagination and while you can’t grab a unicorn and ask it to sit still so you can draw it there are some techniques you can use that will improve your fantasy art. The more you practice the more you learn and gain experience in the profession of art. You already know that practice is the single most important key to improving your ability to draw or paint fantasy subjects. In order to practice on fantasy art you have two options. The first way is the drawing from sight. You have to provide time drawing familiar and real life objects. If you like to draw unicorns you should be drawing horses and if you like to draw dragons you should be drawing lots of lizards and reptiles.

The art is making the connection between Real life and Fantasy. The real meaning of fantasy means you have artistic license to draw anything you want. One can draw anything that is just an imagination. The art that is created must have sense. You are getting the offer that will help you making the right kind of art. It is advance drawing techniques that are providing you the offer to bring out the best type of image. The image that can illustrate everything by looking at it is said to be quality art. The drawing and understanding real life object. You can improve your fantasy creatures and objects by making them look real even though they aren’t real. All you imagine and bring the image on the paper will express your art. You can things that are similar to real life objects and also try to create things that have almost no recognizable equivalent.

You must let the visual ideas flow in your mind. The number one technique when it comes to drawing fantasy objects and creatures is distortion.  If you are making eyes of a woman then it must have dramatic effects on it. If you are drawing any large animal like elephant, then all things must have the perfect match. You can try distorting only certain sections of creatures, figures and objects. The effect is remarkable. It is advance drawing techniques that will help you making the perfect match that you have in your imagination. You are getting the software that has all types of tools to bring out the best kind of art that have the illustration within itself. You can use the software as your advantage in your art. You can draw things from the real world. Draw things from your imagination, distort things in the real world, and make use of the obvious and not so obvious symbolism in things.

Jeffery Bird
Jeffery Bird

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