10 degrees that have been discontinued

While there are many courses which are growing in popularity, usually those in marketing and business, there are others which are either discontinued or simply no longer offered by universities. Some students find it increasingly disheartening when they have invested in essay writing services or even adissertation writing service to assist them in their studies, to find that their course has been discontinued. For others, it can be particularly alarming if you have already applied for your chosen course but find that the university suddenly discontinues it for students.

courses are discontinued

If this happens you will need to restart the application process for an alternative course either at the same university or another university where there are places.  This is particularly important because you will need to rethink planning your workload and any personal or academic deadlines that you had in mind.

Where courses are discontinued, students can seek advice from UCAS or their university in terms of their options for moving forward.

When making a new application for an alternative course it is important that you make the university aware that your previous choice of course was discontinued. This is crucial if you are applying late or very close to the deadlines for applications.

There are many reasons why a university may choose to discontinue a course. Usually it is due to lack of student interest or other external factors such as government funding. Even if you have completed extensive exam revision and sat your exams in some instances, courses can still be discontinued part way through.

The decision to cut certain courses and when this happens will be at the discretion of each university. The list in this guide is by no means exhaustive and it includes just some of the degrees which have been discontinued by some universities recently. If you still want to study any of the subject areas listed below a quick search online may reveal that you can still study the course but at a different university.

There are countless degree qualifications which have been discontinued, some at undergraduate and others at postgraduate level, but your university should be able to provide you with up to date information. It is always recommended that before applying to a course you ask the university if they have any intention of withdrawing the course. Some students have found that part way through a degree course it has been discontinued.

Here’s our top 10 list of discontinued courses:

#1 Afro American Studies Masters

#2 Foundation Degree in Sport Science, Outdoor Recreation

#3 Applied Linguistics and TESL

#4 Atmospheric Sciences

#5 Agricultural Studies

#6 Experimental Pathology

#7 Public Administration

#8 Film and Television

#9 Health Economics

#10 Theater

All of the above degree courses have been discontinued, with the majority being at the UCLA while others such as Clinical Chemistry are no longer offered at the College of Medicine. University courses change every academic year and it is at the discretion of the university to decide which courses they will discontinue. Each year there are no real rules as to how many undergraduate or postgraduate courses will be discontinued if any.

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